قوانين و مقررات (Privacy Policy)

Definitions and terms


A software for the ease of use of the users in controlling the mafia group game and viewing the game venues that are available to them.


Adriant Group owns all material and intellectual rights of this software.


Adriant Group, which owns all material and intellectual rights of this software, "Mafia Plus" software belongs to Adriant Group, which is provided to users for the convenience and ease of controlling the mafia group game and viewing the locations of the game.

Dollars and bullion:

In the application, there are units called dollars and ingots, which are different from real dollars and ingots and are just an item for in-app purchases (like coins in other games)


To use the "Mafia Plus" application, the user must enter his mobile number and a confirmation code will be sent to his mobile number. After entering and verifying it by the application server, registration is done.

Users undertake to register in the application only with their own mobile number. Otherwise, they are fully responsible to the beneficial owner of the mobile number.

Acceptance of rules and regulations

By registering in the application and also by using the services of this application every time, users accept that they have read the current rules and regulations of the application in full and have accepted it with full knowledge of its terms and meanings.

These rules and regulations (privacy policy) may change over time, and therefore, users' continuous use of the application means accepting any changes in its rules and regulations (privacy policy).

Responsibility for maintaining information

The user is responsible for maintaining the security of the user account information, including the password.


All accesses of the application are completely optional and are only for ease and speed up the work.

Designed for families and children over 7 years old.

In general, this program is a practical tool for period games.

It contains textual and visual content suitable for all ages.

There is no link in this program to the place where you have special and inappropriate content.

This program is not a web application. For registration, in-app purchase requires internet, and the rest of the features of the program work without the need for internet after registration.

Video ads are placed in the application using Tapsel service to get free dollars.

From any service (API or SDK) that is with U.S. Children's Online Privacy and Protection Act (COPPA) violation is not used.

This program only uses the user's mobile phone number to detect and verify purchases so that if the user changes her mobile phone, there will be no problem with her previous purchases.

Personal and sensitive information of users is not collected.

Using this program even without parental supervision will not be dangerous for children and teenagers.

Families with their children who have sufficient literacy in reading and writing can safely use this practical and simple tool.

Note: This program is designed in a very simple way and the complexities of management are hidden from the user's view, and it can be a suitable tool for children over 7 years old and teenagers to start learning the mafia game.

Application or group responsibility

"Mafiaplus" (Adriant Group) does not share user information with any third party.

Adriant Group will do its best to satisfy users, but will not guarantee that it will run on all devices.

If the application has a problem, bug or error, the user can submit her request through the communication channels defined in the application, and the group will do its best to solve the problem in the next version.

User responsibility

Users accept that the group may use SMS or Push Notification as a way to communicate with them.

Users do not have the right to make any attempt to extract the source code of the application

Users have no right to do any activity in order to obtain illegal and unusual access to any part of the application.

Users are not allowed to provide another version of the application in any way.

Users have no right to sell this application to anyone else.